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French author, coach & mentor.
Passionate about human and social sciences, creator of projects…

Bio of Mel de Bontemps


Multipotential, passionate, creative and philanthropic. Armelle began her path to spiritual and personal awakening in 2012.
She soon specialized in writing, coaching and transmission in the humanities and social sciences. She became an author in 2021 after having worked for years for the written press, radio, television and in particular the well-being press in France and Australia.

Today she accompanies people around the axes of mentoring, communication, aligned and anchored professional strategy, energetics and quantum. She is passionate about the idea of individual and collective leadership that will give everyone the impetus to implement their projects.

She has been trying out various methods of personal and spiritual development for years, creating content and human connections, moving and traveling around the world to gain an open mind, a love of the Human and a broader knowledge of the world.

Passionate about modern psychology and life sciences:
quantum physics and neurosciences became his fields of expertise and predilection. It trains coaches and future coaches to push them towards their respective missions and to help them fully embody their difference within the collective and the world. She has lived in France, Australia, Canada, Romania, Brazil…

Its first publication in France, “Mon Cahier” Power Attitude, will be released in October 2021 with the publishing house Solar. His approaches go deep into the understanding of the being, and the exploration of the unlimited human potential of each person.

She uses: quantum medicine, regressive hypnosis, Buddhist meditation and mindfulness, geobiology, holistic therapy or life coaching, ayurveda and other approaches like breath therapy or breathwork, energetics or polyvagal theory…

Transmission has always been at the heart of her life: both as a journalist in her early professional years (between Paris and Sydney), and since 2017 with the teaching of yoga, ancient spiritualities and mind-body coaching of her students.
Then mainly since 2020, with his awakening to quantum medicine and the multidimension of the being.

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