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Coach, mentor and French author, I am here to help you change the game, break the social codes that are no longer adapted to our awakening consciousness and help you write the life of your dreams.

Books are unique sensors of consciousness and enormous vectors of transmission: my passion for transmission is through all the means of communication of our time.

For more than ten years I decided to make my life a project in perpetual evolution. My Art is to accompany you to impact the world in your own way, to find your voice and present yourself to the collective in your uniqueness.

These books are there to accompany you, to guide you and to develop collectively our awakening of consciousness.

The 11 quantum codes, edition Leduc, May 2023


The neuroscience method to reprogram your life…

You are the ALL, the all is in you. Life radiates from each of your cells. You already have everything you need to lead the life of your dreams. Remember who you are and that everything is possible! Condensed from the quantum practices of Armelle Bontemps, this book makes accessible to all: 11 luminous codes to act on all the subtle planes of your being and offer you powerful tools of reconnection to your infinite potential.

These 11 quantum codes form an initiatory journey: to reconnect you to the Earth, to align you with your essence, to access your supra-knowledge and develop your heart openness, to get out of your limitations and open the door to your multi-dimensionality.

Find your original source codes and activate all your potentials.

  • Use the sovereignty codes to understand your life missions.
  • Learn how to reprogram yourself to release your suffering, emotions and energy crystallizations.
  • Strengthen your practice with key codes, activations and symbols of sacred geometry. Armelle

Bontemps is a mentor and coach. In 2020, she created her own method of reprogramming from different tools of consciousness, spiritual growth and modern quantum by diving into an assiduous practice that led her to the deep healing of her being. She is committed to sharing her tools through different media (training, books…)

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Éditions Solar, 2021


The empowerment workbook to reveal your personal power, boost your body and mind, gain confidence and awaken your magic!

The girl boss book! To reveal who we are, to take our place and to deploy our power, out of the injunctions, the limits that we impose on ourselves, the environment that weighs us down. This program of personal development, positive psychology, well-being and positive food allows you to boost your power: the power of your head, your body, but also your heart, to accept yourself, to assert yourself, to reveal yourself, to gain self-confidence, to follow your aspirations and to become a power girl!

On the program:
Female empowerment to unlock personal power: Step 1: Emancipate yourself from thought patterns and injunctions.
Step 2: Trust yourself, make your own way, give yourself self love;
Step 3: Find your freedom!
Step 4: Follow your desires, what makes you tick!

A brain power program to reprogram your brain, and boost your self-confidence, positivism, stress and inner conflicts. A life detox (psy detox, digital detox, food detox) in order to free ourselves from what limits us in our head, our heart and our body. Programs to boost your inner strength through breath work, to boost your self-confidence through psychology methods and to boost your outer strength through sports and energy nutrition! Meditation and yoga rituals with the goddesses, to be inspired by the power of female archetypes and install it in your life!
Publication date: 14/10/2021

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