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Conferences, talks, interviews, press… Let’s connect to the four corners of the

We have the ability to change the game by spreading our uniqueness.


How can we develop our new spiritual and personal development tools together and impact the new world together? Conferences, media, transmissions, events…



  • Request for intervention in physics (congress, conference, exhibition, events…)
  • Intervene online: online conferences, programs…
  • Invite me to talk about my books… (programs, radio, podcasts…)
  • Make a press request (articles, interviews…)
  • Interviews: podcast and other media requests…

Conferences, interventions and transmissions on the subjects of personal, spiritual, energetic and quantum development…


I intervene on the subjects of energetics and quantum for various events. Let’s collaborate together on different projects to address the topics of spiritual and personal development, the collective paradigm shift in consciousness we are experiencing today and share new tools of awakening together.



Collaborate together on conferences, transmit, share and impact the world during transmissions


Multipotential, passionate and philanthropic, I coach people around mentoring, communication and the fulfillment of their life mission and uniqueness in the world. My role with the collective is to :


  • Promote the spiritual and personal awakening of each person
  • Building a solid foundation for tomorrow’s world
  • To help us move more and more towards consciousness
  • Create new codes, more adapted to our expanded consciousness
  • Carry you towards your magic and your uniqueness
  • To help you unfold your potential and offer it to the world in turn



Why a personal development conference?



  • A personal development conference is often a collective event of several hours that addresses a personal development theme in its entirety in order to deliver a maximum of concepts and tools essential to your personal well-being: this will allow you to take a step back, open up other perspectives and other horizons, in order to change your paradigm and broaden your perspectives.
  • Personal development conferences can be given in a professional setting, but also in a more private setting. They allow everyone to feel at ease, to be listened to, and to be able to ask questions.

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