One to one:
Individual coaching
& Mentoring


Impactful private coaching to support you individually during 1:1 mentoring sessions and ongoing remote follow-up


Customized coaching and mentoring

Rapid & impactful transformation

Availability & private messaging 7/7

Coaching & Mentoring in 1:1


  • One to One coaching and mentoring is a one-on-one experience that allows you to address any topic you wish. I am here to help you achieve greater sovereignty and freedom.


  • The One to One will allow you a rapid, powerful and impactful personal transformation in all areas of your life to find your Original Essence and live in harmony with your true conscious choices.


  • These methods are the ones I personally use and have changed my life dramatically in a few months. I offer you these teachings so that you become 100% autonomous in accessing your original prosperity.


  • Customized mentorships will allow you to implement the necessary changes in your life and recalibrate yourself spiritually, mentally and energetically.

Content of the 1:1 individual coaching

Session(s) in 1:1
online video

Private messaging
unlimited 7/7

What is included
in your coaching



1:1 individual coaching & mentoring from a distance


60-minute private coaching sessions by video (1 and 3 months)


Unlimited access to private messaging / Voxer 7/7

My core coaching values:









Be guided, coached and accompanied


Start a ONE TO ONE together

The options of One to One together…
Customized individual coaching,
short or long: 1 week, 1 or 3 months.

Private messaging

Unlimited (7 days)


1500 $


(In 1x)

  • 7 days of unlimited Voxer
  • Private messaging 7/7
    for 7 days



Mentoring 1 month

One to one (30 days)


5000 $


(In 1x or 2x 2500 $)

  • 1 video call per month
  • 1H / 60 min (X1 session)
  • Private messaging 7/7
    for 1 month


Mentoring 3 months

One to one (90 days)


10.000 $


(Or 3x 3333 $)

  • 1 video call per month
  • 1H / 60 min (X3 sessions)
  • Private messaging 7/7
    for 3 months


* Possibility to spread the payment in 2 or 3 x (Mentorings 1 and 3 months).
**No private messaging: 2 weeks during the summer and 2 weeks during the Christmas holidays each year.


Who are you? Customized coaching, for whom?

Entrepreneurs, pioneers, visionaries...
Coaches, coaches, mentors...
Authors, writers in the making...
Artists, creators, creatives...
Creators of impact in the new world: for those who want to change the paradigm and accompany the awakening of collective consciousness.
For those who need to clarify their vision and be carried towards their future

How does planetary evolution and the awakening of consciousness impact us all?

Planetary evolution is pushing us to grow, to go faster, further and to take charge of our mental, emotional and spiritual health in a different way. We can literally modulate our "personal timelines" and shift our collective timeline through our personal work.

What is the purpose of an individual / One to One coaching?

The 1:1 coaching sessions are important to feel supported and accompanied on any subject. I am here to accompany you on your personal journey and give you all the advice you need. We can discuss any topic together, ask me any questions you have, I will answer all your needs.

Customized coaching: targeting your unique needs

I have learned to target the needs of each person, to go faster in coaching and accompaniment. I help you focus on what you need to make real, radical changes in your life.

Why choose a One to One / private coaching ?

- To develop your brand, your visual identity, your communication.
- To clarify your message to your audience
- To develop your intuition, your guidance, your creative instinct
- To increase your professional and personal impact
- To adjust your mission and find the right methods to accelerate the creation of your vision
- To transmit impactful tools for personal reprogramming
- To work on your limiting patterns in a fast, efficient and effective way
- To help you develop your impact methods for your clients, for yourself, for your loved ones, for the collective
- To help you go through important shifts of consciousness in your life
- To accompany you in the writing of your books, your editorial projects and to set up a solid writing plan
- To help you find your voice, embody your difference
- To make your message impact tens, hundreds or thousands of people!
- To help you target all your conscious or unconscious obstacles: mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual
- To accompany you quickly in the reprogramming of your systems (nervous, energetic, quantum) in their optimal versions
- To enable you to activate all your innate or acquired potentials
- To effectively reprogram your systems, your cells and your DNA

What are the advantages of a One to One / private?

- Speed of action and immediate results
- To target efficiently and quickly precise individual needs
- Go in depth and in the subtlety of the customized coaching
- Access to a rapid and optimal individual expansion, aligned with your needs
- Offer you a real space for personal transformation

What topics can be discussed during the individual coaching session?

We can address any subject you wish (personal, spiritual, professional, relational...).

How does private / individual coaching work?

You book your 1:1 coaching online, you will then be contacted by email/whatsapp with all the necessary information for your mentoring. Please provide a valid email address and check your spam in order to receive all the information about your 1:1 coaching. If you have any questions, please use the contact form.

What are the coaching slots?

- The French slots for the 1 to 1 video coaching hours are based on the French time zone from Monday to Saturday from 4pm to 10pm.

For coaching outside France (French or English) :

For coaching in English or other world time zones, we will communicate via private messaging to arrange time slots for your coaching.

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