Coaching vocation: it is not the environment that should be questioned, but the integrity of each person who is part of it

Date : 01/03/2023

✔️ As with everything in LIFE, there are things we will like and things we will not. / There are PEOPLE with whom we RESPOND and others who do not.

✔️ Our role as individuals is not to try to please those – let alone all. Because it is neither possible nor necessary.

✔️ We don’t question an entire #profession: we question what doesn’t fit our demands.


✔️ Because it is a rising profession that allows everyone to advance at their own pace.

✔️ Because it is a free profession that is not taken over by the lobbies but that favors emancipation from the system.

✔️ Because it allows everyone to use their free will.

✔️ To find/choose one’s own path.

✔️ To evolve in a multidimensional and non-linear way.

👄 I LOVE #COACHS & FUTURE COACHS / AND I VALUE THEM (you get to create your craft) 👄

✔️ Because there are fabulous people who do their job with love.

✔️ Because #SHIFTS are possible in mirror games and with the right tools from those who used them before us.

✔️ We would not be the same without each other, and as no one DOES it alone: we always need guidance to move forward, to question ourselves and to evolve.

Thank you to the coaches, mentors and guides from around the world

⌛️ I didn’t plan to do this job, but today I explored my #potential up close: most importantly, I know my #contribution is expected.

Like yours.



Mel de Bontemps