Inspire rather than influence: two very different notions.

Date : 01/03/2023

In a world where “influence” has taken a place of honor and is becoming more and more common. (Media, people, celebrities, influencers, politics, advertising…)


Inspiration, on the other hand, has the power to take back all its PLACE.

▶️ By aligned, fair and honest actions.

▶️ Facing a captive but independent “public”.

▶️ In front of people listening but responsible.

▶️ In front of an open community and in its free will.

️ Influence is only possible if the public is willing to give back all its power. Inspiration addresses an audience in its power, neither manipulated nor manipulable.

(This is an important question for me as my work begins to be more and more publicized to you).

For me this job also comes with the responsibility – the responsibility to :

1️⃣ Never hurt anyone to increase your impact.

2️⃣ Be in your #truth at all times.

3️⃣ Never manipulate an opinion.

️ A true #MENTOR is a mentor who seeks to pull others up through the power of their free will, not make them prisoners of his or her circle of influence.

Meet people who inspire you, without trying to influence you.

Impact, #professional success and #success are compatible with integrity without the need to manipulate or influence.

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Mel de Bontemps